Dr. Mads Gilbert: Solidarity with Gaza! If no siege, no tunnels! - If no occupation, no rockets!

Dr. Mads Gilbert from Tromsø, Norway, was working at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza during the last Israeli onslaugt on Gaza. When he returned from Gaza to his home-town Tromsø on July 31 2014, he went straight from the airport to give this spontaneous speech at a large solidarity demonstration for Gaza held at the same time. The regional newspaper "Nordlys" ("Northern Light") streamed the demonstration and featured Dr. Mads' speech on their web-site. They have donated the video. It was transcribed and subtitled in English through a solidarity effort by Norwegian film and video professionals. The video can be shared and used for non-commercial purposes.


By: zapatta (36.50)

Tags: Israel,Palestine

Location: Tromsø, Norway