Police Car drags woman by the PM Street North Zone of Rio See the video

Credit Source extra.globo.com/casos-de-policia/viatura-da-pm-arrasta-mulhe
It was about 9am this Sunday when a car of the 9th Battalion (Rocha Miranda) down the Intendant Magellan Road towards Marechal Hermes in the North Zone of Rio, with the open trunk. After rolling from inside and hang on the bumper of the vehicle only for a piece of clothing, the body of a woman was dragged for about 250 meters, beating against the pavement as the vehicle was passing. Although warned by pedestrians and motorists, PMs have not stopped.An amateur cameraman recorded passing by the scene in a video.The woman was dragged Claudia Silva Ferreira, 38, shot during an exchange of gunfire between police and the 9th BPM traffickers from the Morro Congonha in Madurai . . In testimony before the Civil Police, the Military Police said the woman was rescued by them still alive, and taken to the Hospital Carlos Chagas in Marechal Hermes, but could not resist. Have the State Secretariat of Health reported that the patient has reached the dead unit. She took a iro neck and another in the back.

Path 250 meters

The scene began to be recorded next to the number 796 Magellan Road Superintendent, at the time of Boiacá Street, and was filmed until about 878, which is an agency of the Federal. Sister Claudia, Jussara Ferreira Silva, 39, was shocked when he saw the image of the sister body being dragged. Outraged, she wants the police to be punished:

- They think that those who live in the community is criminal. Treat us as if we were a disposable meat. This will not go unpunished. These PMs must answer for what they did.

- It was disgusting to see that hanging body. They were overtaking other cars, and the body was banging. People on the street were screaming, trying to warn the police, but they did not listen. Only stopped because the signal and there, managed to hear what people said. Two officers then descended the car and put the body back in the car - said the cameraman.

Before even knowing what had happened to Claudia, relatives had suspicious that something might have happened, as viewed her body raw upon arrival at the hospital.

- We found it strange when we saw the body that way. We suspect that had happened on the way to the hospital - reported Diego Gomes, 30, cousin Claudia.

Thais Silva, 18, the victim's daughter and the first to find her dead, had already claimed even the way the police of the 9th Battalion the rescued:

- They dragged my mother like a bag and threw it into the van like an animal - revolted young.

Victim would 20 years married
Mother of four children, Claudia, known as the Hill of Congonha Cocoa, was general assistant MarcĂ­lio Dias Naval Hospital in Lins. Born and raised in Madureira, she still ran four nephews. The victim would 20 years married to the lookout Alexandre Fernandes da Silva, 41, in September this year.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the PM said that the police of the 9th Battalion exchanged gunfire with criminals during an operation at Morro da Congonha, and a suspect was even shot. Yet according to a spokesperson, the police found the victim shot at Rua Joana Resende, the highest point of the community. She was taken to the Carlos Chagas Hospital, but could not resist. The 29th Precinct (Madureira), investigating the case, has been in place for expertise. Two rifles were used by police to be collected periciados.

Outraged, residents of Morro da Congonha staged protests in the morning and also at night. They came close to Avenue Edgar Romero.