Laurence Fishburne's Daughter A Porn Star

The plot thickens in the Montana Fishburne sex scandal! The more we
investigate the situation, the more it looks less like “daddy issues”
and more like “boyfriend issues”! It is confirmed that the man in the
VIVID release is J-Pipes and not Brian Pumper….[Brian did a separate
video with her].

This has to be very hard on Mr. Fishburne, who loves and respects as an actor.

Our sources are saying that the Montana /
Jeremy pairing is more like a pimp and prostitute relationship! We do
know that it’s absolutely false that Montana Fishburne, also known as
Chippy-D, is dating porn star Brian Pumper! For Pumper, we’re told it
was just business! Wham, Bam, here’s your check Ma’am!
But for Jeremy Greene, the man known as
“J-Pipes”, who’s been Ms. Fishburne’s boyfriend since she was 16 years
old, it’s rumored to be a controlling, manipulative unhealthy
There’s more to the story!!!

How Jeremy went from being Montana’s boyfriend to her alleged pimp
remains to be heard, but the silence from both camps is eerie. The
statements coming out of “Vivid” representing Montana Fishburne seem
contrived and made-up to say the least. We
do not believe the TMZ statement of Montana saying she did it because
of Kim Kardashian and believe it’s just Vivid protecting their brand
after we exposed the world to the video.
Many people are wondering if there are
drugs involved or home abuse, but from what we’re hearing the only drug
involved was marijuana, no word on what it was laced with though!

The most intriguing part of the story is that no one from either camp
has released a “real” statement. No one single response or explanation
or appearance. We do know that VIVID is controlling the publicity of
this all, and has moved their release date from – trying to beat the Pumper release date.

We hope that Montana doesn’t get caught up in a world that she doesn’t
really seem to grasp or understand – but with two porns already under
her belt, it’s going to be a hard road back to normalcy. The extent of
her action suggest the “Kim Kardashian” excuse is just the tip of the

Montana Fishburne a.k.a. Chippy D covers it all in a recent interview with Skyy John!

The newly turned pornstar goes into everything from her father actor Laurence Fishburne
cutting her off completely….to the frequently talked about leopard
spots on her buttocks. We also get her wannabe pimp boyfriend J Pipes’ take on his involvement in her porn career as well.