Schultz Alleges Voter Fraud on 'Dancing With the Stars,' Lib Guest Says Bristol Palin 'Sucks'

MSNBC's Ed Schultz on Wednesday hysterically alleged Bristol Palin's successful movement into the finals of "Dancing With the Stars" was a product of voter fraud.

Maybe even worse, liberal radio host Stephanie Miller thrice told the "Ed Show" host Bristol "sucks":

For those missing Miller's joke "nobody puts Jennifer Grey in a corner," this was a humorous reference to her hit film "Dirty Dancing."

Unfortunately, there was little else funny about this segment.

Consider for a moment if Bristol was President Obama's daughter, or Joe Biden's, or Hillary Clinton's, or any leading Democrat figure. What would be the outrage if a conservative radio host on national television said she sucks?

Of course, this double standard shouldn't surprise anyone, for the vile press treatment of Palin and her entire family since the moment she moved into the limelight in August 2008 has been deplorable.

Sadly, as long as she stays in that limelight, it's not going to stop.

As for voter fraud, don't liberals always claim that when their candidate loses?
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