Russia caught Supplying arms to Russian facist PNU Terrorits in Ukraine

During the last 24 hours, in the course of the ATO measures, Ukrainian Forces seized samples of weapons, which show the complicity of the Russian Federation to terrorists which operate in eastern Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about the supply of weapons of the following types:

- jet infantry RPO “Bumblebee”. Marking of ownership (we are talking about labeling) is carefully removed, but the serial number 0265 remained. It is noteworthy that such weapons, according to the registration records, have never been in service in the Ukrainian army. Presumably it in in service in the Special Forces of the GRU of the Russian Federation since 1991.

- Dragunov sniper rifle issued in 2000 with a modified sight PSO-1M2. It should be noted that sniper rifles of this year with such sights never were in service in the Ukrainian army.

- Three sets of 9M39 – portable air defense missile system “Igla”, produced in 2001; until April 12, 2014 were owned by armed military unit of defense of the Russian Federation № 33859, which is stationed in town Eisk, Krasnodar Krai, Russia. This information is obtained from the packing list that accompanied all these products. The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine demanded on this fact explanation of the reasons and circumstances of how these MANPADS happened to be in the hands of terrorists.

Sad to know that the Russian side only declares its commitment to resolving the conflict in the east of Ukraine (Russian Foreign Ministry’s repeated statements about the ceasefire and constructive dialogue between the parties to the conflict), but in reality it is executing subversion against the Ukrainian people.

Additionally, According to a statement of the organization “Spilna Sprava” gunmen of Russian fascists organization Russian National Unity (PNU) appeared in Slovyansk.One of the leaders of separatists in Donbass Pablo Gubarev is a member of this organization.

PNU is a member of fascist international network “World Union of National Socialists”