Putin's regime loved a "referendum under guns" in Ukrainian Crimea. Meanwhile an initiative group for referendum in Russia gets imprisoned.

On Thursday, August 10, the Tverskoi Court of Moscow announced the verdict to four people from an initiative group for an all-Russian referendum "For Responsible Leadership", journalist Alexander Sokolov, publicist and editor Yuri Mukhin, as well as two civil activists - Kirill Barabash and Valery Parfyonov . These people wished to hold a referendum to introduce the direct responsibility of the authorities to the people at the Constitution level.

The accused got from 3.5 to 4 years of prison.

'I congratulate all on the fact that the idea of ​​a referendum in Russia is recognized as extremism. Even the idea of ​​assessing the president is assessed as extremism. Thank you all for your support' - Sokolov said after the announcement of the verdict.



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