Helicopter crash filmed from the cockpit killed bride +3

A bride rent a helicopter to go to her wedding to impress the groom and the guests. On board it was the bride, her brother, the photogapher (she was pregnant) and the pilot. Everyone died in the crash. The video was shot by the photographer and the camera was found on the scene of the crash by the family of the bride a few days later after the crash (after the authorities cleared the area). The weather got bad during the flight and the pilot wasn't trained for IFR (flight by instruments), only VFR (visual flight). You can see on the Attitude Indicator on the panel of the helicopter that the helicopter was turning very hard to the sides and the pilot was having a lot of difficult to maintain the horizon on level. The groom didn't know about the flight because it was a surprise from the bride. The bride paid R$1.800 ($550usd) to arrive at the wedding by helicopter. The company who sold the flight to her, and the company that was the owner of the helicopter, didn't have authorization for commercial flights (only private). The family of the bride is suing both companies. CENIPA (the brazilian FAA) is still investigating the case. Happened December 2016 in Brazil but the footage was released by the media only today.


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