A Live Leaker Hike Block...Brought to you by Nature, She's a Bitch

Hey Fellows. Hope everyone has been taking it easy and getting out and about; not just 'droning' on your interwebs.

Haven't been around much 'cause I went back to work for a bit to help a friend out....the hell was I thinking?? Working 6-12s an sunday 8's, I remembered real quick why I quit working in the real world. I have been meaning to get you all some sweet hiking vids of Ick and me roaming the hills and such but haven't had the time. When I had the time....this happened.

1st picture is about 100 yards (91.44meters) back towards the trail head to give you a reference of how pissed I was and the amazing slightly breezy day.

2nd pic is the lazy ass dog 3 hours after we came home from the hike.

3rd pic is of my new hobby of dry aging beef which I will be doing a Tinner-esque time lapse vid for you all when the time is right. This photo is of a Chuck Roast Steak aged about 2.5 weeks, sliced 3/32 thick and sautéed with onions and shallots in a little irish butter. I used it for French Dip sliders, topped with 2 year old cheddar and jarlsberg cheese with Dijon mustard. (it was sexual)


By: Anti_tinner (1899.60)

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