I Have Special Fans Here That Love My Pictures So Here Is A Few From My Younger Years Of Life.

A few liveleakers are infatuated with me and my good looks so I figured I should post a few pictures of myself when I was a young person for them to jack off over. I dont worry about them getting cum on my pictures because I am sure they are still dry cumming because of their balls haven't dropped yet. You know who you are!!

Pictures are of me in my punk days.. my girlfriend at the time.. salmon fishing.. duck hunting.. holding up various kills.. and a big Cheers! whilst drinking beer in Germany..

And a big shout out to Dizruptor! I gave him a shout out in a fishing vid once and he got a big ole hard on over it so I figured I would help his girlfriend get laid tonight and give him another! Cheers Diz! Love the blogs! Keep'em comin!


By: ClockworkOrange (3421.00)

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