The kurds - masters of diplomacy. After US SOF now Russians seen with YPG badges.

Its kind of comical when you see russian officers with YPG badges waving the all-female-unit-flag, having an Ă–calan-portrait in the background, but not for Erdogan. For his Euphrates-shield jihadis is game over. The kurds managed that they can stay in Manbij, possibly take Raqqa together with SDF, US marines and SOF in the next weeks. Centcom-chief Votel and Sen.McCain visited Kobane, PYD chief Muslim negociated with Lavrow in Moscow. In Manbij, SAA, US SOF, kurds and russian military police are at calling distance, russian APC's are seen with Manbij-Military-Council flag. And not only that, at the end of the video in this post you see them dancing all together, kurds with chechens, russians with arabs. Thats what I like to see.


By: ide3 (587.60)

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