Tales of Piss Pants: Cravings

Meet Piss Pants, a drunk ass alcoholic who is living off the welfare system, and refuses to get a job. His life has turned into a complete joke. One night Piss Pants came over because he was totally out of money and needed some tobacco badly. He was not given any tobacco, and was unhappy about it. Pants proceeded to get hammered, went outside to piss, and pissed all over himself. By the way, this guy has pissed his pants 4 times that we know of, and one time he saturated my entire couch which caused me to throw it away.

We have tried to help this guy turn his life around, but this guy continues to live his life as a stooge. Anyways, Pants was not allowed back into Rob's apartment, and he was not happy about it. Rob never called him a cab, and so Pants slept on the steps. If you like this video, I have many, many more. Enjoy!

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By: DieterVonCunth (470.40)

Tags: piss, pants, drunk, antics, stooge, tobacco, chew, mighty chaw, alcohol, bender

Location: Phoenix, United States