11-y/o Kills 16-y/o Home Intruder in St. Louis

An 11 year old in St. Louis defended himself, his home, and his 4 year old sister on Thursday when he shot dead a 16 year old home invader who had tried to break into the residence multiple times that day.

Due to the nature of these incidents, I have no picture or names to give, as all are minors.

Police arrived around 2 PM at the St. Louis residence on Thursday to find a 16 year old dead on the foyer with a gunshot wound to the head. The 11 year old resident fired one seemingly perfect shot, leaving one intruder dead and the other on the run, who was promptly arrested.

Police said it was the third time that the pair had attempted to break into the house that day. The two children inside had been left alone all day. It is not known why the children were alone, or how an eleven year old had such easy access to a firearm. The gun allegedly belongs to the mother of the children, who purchased it after her house had suffered a series of break-ins.

St. Louis has seen a recent spate of child-involved shootings. On August 18, 9 year old Jamyla Bolden was shot and killed while laying in her mothers bed, and a week later on August 25, 21-month old Carter Epps was shot in the chest and died.

But at least this time the children survived. For whatever good they'll grow up to be in that environment.