Fiction or...reality?

Remember 9/11...
For those who blab and bash others opinions and arguments,like they have MBA in everything they comment about,especialy about the matters on what happened in that infamious day of 9/11/2001 i would like to bring at their attention this video.

This tech was presented possibly in 2006/7 and we all know that most of the technology when presented to the people its because it´s already out-dated for military advantage so all we can imagine is how adavanced tech have they got today.

I´m not saying that this was used on what happened that day...what i´m trying to make people think with this video is that we dont know jack shit ...
The powers that be play with us in front of our eyes... today its well known that the demonstration that all mainstream media reported that was happened in Tripolli agaisnt Gadaffi was after all, recorded in a studio at Qatar.
There´s a lot of videos about that on YT.

In this tech age, people just cant trust anymore about what their eyes are seeing , especially if that is project in the mainstream media, everybody has their agenda and we are just pawns for their games....when the Powers that be wants, Fiction can be turn in Reality in a blink of eyes.

So...never say never...and from now on, i no longer believe in everything that my eyes see...because what we see as Reality,it maybe be after all...pure fiction.