Teacher Gets Slap on the Wrist for Abusing a Child ... 24 Times

Kindergarten teacher Miss Cynthia Ambrose was teary during trial, but she acted tough in 2012 when she ordered kindergartners to attack a classmate falsely accused of bullying.
Some teachers testified that Patricia Ambrose threatened to retaliate against whoever told on her. “She was pissed,” teacher Christine Wunstel testified.

Amy Neely, mother of 6-year-old Aiden, told KENS-TV, “Twenty-four of those kids hit him and most of them hit him twice.”

An upset Neely said that her son is not a problem child and this was the first she had heard of him having problems at school.

Ms. Neely had hoped that criminal charges would have been filed so that Ambrose wouldn’t have been able to get a teaching job anywhere.

Miss Ambrose is NOT prohibited from being employed with children or being a volunteer in any position involving children.

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