Two Huge Container Ships Crash into Each Other

Slow moving cars are generally pretty easy to stop: just mash the brake
pedal and pull the e-brake. Giant slow moving container ships however …
that’s a different story.

A pair of behemoth freighters collided
at the north end of the Suez Canal on Monday. While the reason behind the
incident remains unknown, the crash itself is surely not something you’ll see
every day.

The video, shot from the canal’s shoreline near Port Said,
shows the 1,059-foot MV Colombo Express overtaking the 1,085-foot Maersk
Tanjong when it suddenly bears a hard left right into the side of the Tanjong.
The video below paints a better picture of the event as a whole,
which looks just like road-rage taken to an extreme seafaring level.
“Hey! He cut me off!”

The collision, which launched three shipping containers into the drink and
left a 65-foot dent in the Colombo, was met with cheers and applause from
onlookers at Port Said.

Though it probably wasn’t such a big
hit with all the crews in the area. Traffic has been interrupted for both north
and southbound convoys while recovery teams fish the containers out of the
water and repair the wounded Colombo.