Getting Doxxed On Liveleak. Should I Move?

I logged on this morning to discover I have been doxxed.

The quality really sucks, I turned the quality right down to potato cam because its the message that counts, not the visuals.

This is the PM I got giving me the warning that the Thin Skin Gang had my info:
"you and I will disagree on politics and that is fine...humans do that

anyway, just an quick heads up that the autistic 4chan fspazzed out and found where you live. They used google satellite images mostly I think. I just watched, didnt make a sound as it unfolded. I draw the line at mucking with ppl irl, just not in my mettle, not my thing.

Not sure what they do now

I am watching them from the sidelines and will be more than happy to let you know if they act on any of this."

Cheers Liveleak! George over and out! lol You Bastards!



By: ClockworkOrange (3420.80)

Tags: liveleakers, doxxing, should, it, be, tolerated, ?

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