Sad day for MaryJane

MaryJane and I had a journey today, she was going to get spayed, have vaccinations, check up and chipped.(A program called SNYP(Spay Neuter Your Pet) A community agency providing veterinary services to low income people.

Here she is on the way in her first car ride.

Here's the SNYP truck set up in parking lot on the coldest day yet. lol

A volunteer saw me struggling to take a selfie so she offered to take one for me.

I had noticed a lump in her groin area a day after making this appointment so today I mentioned to the vet so she examined it and told me she she had a mammary tumor. Luckily there is a Farley Foundation to help pay costs if you qualify. My poor girl.

One of the women drove me home with MJ and gave her a new dress and winter coat. Thanks to those at SNYP.



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