Crime Statistics regarding illegal aliens in America by FBI- quick read

Well here is some shocking stats here about illegal aliens and crime now keep in mind many of the people committing crimes don't have a criminal record but will now receive working visas to remain in the country where they'll have anchor babies and never leave. Thanks for adding another 800,000 people to the work force for people that shouldn't even be here.


"Illegal immigrants cause many problems for The United States. Sometimes referred to as Illegal Aliens, these people have entered the United States via illegal methods. The FBI recently issued a set of statistics regarding crimes committed by illegal immigrants in the United States. The numbers are alarming.In Los Angeles, over 95% of arrest warrants issued for the crime of murder are for illegal aliens. At least 83% of arrest warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens. The number climbs to 86% for Albuquerque. The most wanted lists for each of these cities is comprised of at least 75% illegal aliens.

The problem of prison overcrowding in California has been in the media many times over the past few months. Governor Schwarzenegger has attempted to gain relief from the overcrowding problem by shipping inmates to facilities in other states. Nearly 25% of the California prison population is comprised of illegal aliens. In Arizona, illegal aliens make up over 40% of the prison population and in New Mexico, the number is nearly 50%.

Illegal aliens account for nearly 30% of prison populations nationwide. This includes both state and federal prisons. The cost to house these illegal aliens is more than $1.6 billion dollars each year.

Statistics from 2005 indicate that over 75% of automobile thefts that occurred in Arizona, Nevada, California, Texas, and New Mexico were either stolen by illegal aliens or used to transport illegal aliens. Almost half of the drivers stopped in California for traffic violations have no driver's license, insurance, or registration. 92% of those are illegal aliens. In Arizona, 63% of those stopped have no license, registration or insurance and 97% of those people are illegal aliens. New Mexico's percentages are 66% stopped with no license, insurance and registration and 98% of those are illegal aliens.

Each year nearly 400,000 babies were born to illegal alien parents in the United States. Being born in the United States automatically makes you a U.S. citizen. Illegal aliens who come to the United States and give birth to children are referred to as having "anchor babies." These illegals will not be deported because they are now 'anchored' in the United States by their American born children. American taxpayers foot the bill for over 97% of these births.

Many United States citizens feel that action must be taken to thwart illegal aliens' attempts to enter the country. The plan recently released by President George Bush has come under fire for its leniency. Many Americans feel that immediate action must be taken to close our borders.

America has long been known as the land of opportunity and is comprised of many cultures, ethnicities, and races. There are a set of guidelines for those wishing to come to this country to live. Many of those who are willing to follow the law and come to this country legally have expressed outrage at the number of illegal aliens who have entered this country, and under the president's plan may be allowed to stay by paying a fine."