Black woman sell Blacks

Hyacinth Ford-Drysden Arrested for Trafficking More Than 17 Children from Jamaica to U.S.

Talk about history repeating itself as blacks sell other blacks into slavery. Hyacinth Ford-Drysden is charged with allegedly trafficking more than 17 Jamaican children to the United States. Her case is being heard by the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court in Kingston, Jamaica. Investigators are working with U.S. officials to get a handle on just how many kids Hyacinth Ford-Drysden trafficked.The court was told that investigators were in possession of statements from parents who said they were not aware of their children being adopted and sent abroad.

Ford-Drysden, who is of a Bog Walk, St Catherine, was yesterday remanded in custody until January 26.

She is currently charged with forgery, possession of forged documents, and uttering forged documents. However, the court was told that the human-trafficking charges were pending.

The alleged scheme was uncovered on December 8 after Ford-Drysden was arrested by the Flying Squad at the United States Embassy in Kingston, where she had presented forged documents in an effort to secure a USvisa for a 16-year-old girl whom she had tried passing off as her child. Source: Jamaica Observer

Hyacinth Ford-Drysden reportedly told the police she was being paid $60,000 (J) for each child she sent to the United States. This is a sad commentary that some parents would just hand their kids over to a perfect stranger to ship overseas without even thinking twice. This isn’t about the child having a better life in the U.S. It’s about selling one’s child into modern-day slavery. The parents who fell for this scheme should be locked up too.