World's worst parking! Driver hits reverse and smashes through 50ft high concrete wall

A hapless driver performed some of the world's worst parking attempt by hitting reverse instead of accelerate and smashing through a 50ft-high concrete wall.

The woman had just arrived to work at a government office when she went to reverse into a space on the fourth floor of the car park in Nonthaburi, Thailand on Thursday (November 28).

But after edging back into the space, the motorist was trying to straighten up and accidentally pressed the automatic transmission's reverse pedal instead of the accelerate to go forward.

In her panic, she then pushed the pedal even further to the ground, causing the car to jump backwards.

CCTV from the building shows how the brand new Toyota C-HR smashed through the concrete barrier and was left hanging dangerously over the drop, around 50ft in the air.

Shocked staff at the country's Ministry of Health ran to help the driver. She was carried to safety from the passenger door as the collision had broke the handle on her side and she was blocked in by a concrete post.

The clumsy worker, who was too embarrassed by the incident to reveal her name, told local television news that she had recently bought the automatic transmission car and was confused by the two different pedals.

She said: "While I was adjusting the parking position I accidentally trod on the reverse pedal instead of the accelerate pedal to drive forward.

"When the car moved backwards, I was so panicked that I pressed the pedal harder. Then the car hit the barrier and the rear wheels were hanging of the building. That's what caused the car to stop moving.

''It's very lucky, because if the car had kept moving backwards it would have fallen off the edge and I might not have survived.''



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