youths admited, "headed out for a jew to rob", charged for hate crimes in NewYork

What can you say really

Hate Crime, Robbery Against Brooklyn Yeshiva Student In Monsey
people are facing hate crime charges after allegedly targeting a man for
a violent robbery in Rockland County because he was a jew.

want something because of me or you want money, that's an issue, but if
you want my money because you want to attack me because I'm Jewish,
that's something else. I think that's a little, it's called racism," the
victim, a Yeshiva student from Brooklyn, told CBS 2′s Lou Young.

Police said the victim was hit in the head in Monsey on Monday night during an attempted robbery.

"He was wearing the pais, the long coat and the beard," said Yehoshua Lapides, the victim's friend.

believe that this particular individual was targeted for a reason and
because of his religious background," said Capt. Brad Weidell of the
Ramapo Police Department.

Police said 18-year-old Stanley Joseph
of Suffern, 19-year-old Qwesi Williams and 20-year-old Jennifer St.
Ammand discussed finding a Jewish victim before setting out Monday

A fourth suspect, Marco Landino, was arrested for allegedly providing the weapon used to hit the victim in the head.

of the guys tried to take a swing against me, hit me over here, my
head, so I ran and I screamed 'help!' and they turned around and ran
away," the victim said.

Joseph's father insisted his son isn't
anti-Semitic and blamed his son's involvement on the woman, who police
said acted as a getaway driver.

"The problem is that girl. Maybe they needed money to buy alcohol or marijuana," said Jean Stanley, Joseph's father.

didn't say a word to him. They didn't have time. He was screaming and
they got really scared and ran off," said Chaim Smith, a friend of the

Police said it was calls to 9-1-1 that gave them the jump
on the alleged robbers. One suspect was picked up on the street, while
two were arrested trying to drive away. The fourth man was picked up

All three of the arrested men were being held on
$100,000 bail, the woman on $75,000. The four are due back at Ramapo
County Court on Friday.