2-Month Old Infant Suffered Apnea and Died Following 8 Vaccines

Another family is mourning the loss of their two-month old baby
following routine vaccinations. Cash Dewayne Thomas was having apnea
episodes following the vitamin K injection and hepatitis B vaccine given
to him at birth. When his mother sought help from numerous doctors,
they ignored her concerns and would not put Cash on a breathing monitor.
At his two-month well-baby checkup, Cash’s pediatrician assured his
mother the vaccines were safe and signed off for the nurse to vaccinate
Cash with eight more vaccine doses, even though Cash’s breathing
problems had not been addressed. He died 16 days later, which is one of
the critical days infants pass away or suffer breathing issues after
vaccination. [1,2]

After burying their son, Cash’s parents, Whitney Hill and Jesse
Dewayne Thomas, regretted that they listened to the doctor over their
own instincts. They entrusted the doctors with their infant son and know
the vaccines led to his breathing problems and ultimately his death.
Cash’s mother and father want to send a strong message to parents who
support vaccines and hope their son’s story will help save others from
suffering a loss like they have.

Cash Couldn’t Escape Doctors Eager to Inject Him

Cash Dewayne Thomas survived the onslaught of unsafe vaccines his
mother was told she needed to get during her second trimester, when she
was injected with the Tdap and flu vaccines. [3,4]

At forty weeks gestation, Whitney went into labor at Research
Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. She tested positive for Group B
strep and was given two doses of the antibiotic penicillin. Soon after,
Cash was born unresponsive, weighing nine pounds and two ounces and had
to be resuscitated immediately.

After he was resuscitated, Cash was deemed in good enough health and
then injected with the vitamin K shot and hepatitis B vaccine on April
19, 2013, the day he was born. The two combined shots contain
approximately 350 mcg of aluminum and both are linked to breathing
problems, among other things. [5]

By the time Cash was three weeks old, his mother noticed him
having gasping episodes while sleeping in his bassinet. When he awoke,
he let out a snorting sound as he would catch his breath, then he would
go back to bed.

When Cash was five weeks old, his apnea episodes started occurring
more frequently, about once every hour. Cash’s mother had to blow into
her son’s mouth and nose to get him breathing again. On May 26, 2013,
Whitney rushed her son to the emergency room at Children’s Mercy
Hospitals and Clinics in Kansas City, Missouri, begging for help.
Whitney knew something was very wrong, but the doctor would not
listen to her and wrote Cash’s breathing problems off as reflux and gave
her a prescription for Zantac and told her to follow up with his
pediatrician. She felt helpless and was frustrated they would not hook
up Cash to a breathing monitor.

Cash was still being breastfed. He was breastfed for several weeks
and then switched to formula. He had no congestion, no runny nose, and
no swollen eyes, none of the things you would associate with a food
allergy. Believing the doctors knew best, his mother gave Cash the
prescription Zantac. This did not help him.

Cash’s apnea spells continued while she waited for him to be seen by
his pediatrician. Whitney found out the pediatrician was required to
submit a referral to Children’s Mercy for them to test Cash at their
Sleep Disorder Clinic.

On June 7, 2013, the pediatrician sent the referral for them to do
apnea testing on Cash. An appointment was made for him be seen by a
nurse practitioner at the sleep clinic the following Monday. By this
time, Whitney had to breathe in her son’s nose and mouth more than once
when he stopped breathing.

After getting home from that appointment, Whitney received a phone
call about an hour later and was told Monday’s appointment was canceled.
She was told Cash couldn’t be seen by a nurse practitioner because he
was too young and that only a Doctor of Medicine (MD) could see him,
which didn’t make sense.

Whitney was told they would put Cash on a waiting list to be
scheduled, not for Cash to be seen, but to be scheduled to be seen. She
was so shocked and upset at this. None of the doctors were doing
anything to help Cash.

Weeks went by and Cash was still not scheduled to be seen; then his
two-month checkup approached. His mother took all three of her children
in to receive the vaccines on time, but she didn’t know vaccines were
linked to apnea and breathing problems.

At his two-month well-baby checkup, the doctor neglectfully
recommended Cash receive the routine vaccines. The doctor assured
Whitney the vaccines were safe and signed off for the nurse to vaccinate
Cash with eight more vaccine doses, even though Cash’s breathing
problems had not been addressed. Cash’s mother entrusted the doctor with
her son’s life and signed the paper, giving consent to vaccinate.
On June 19, 2013, when Cash weighed almost fifteen pounds, the nurse
administered the diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, polio,
Hib, pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines, via three needle injections
and one oral dose, for a total of eight vaccine doses.

After Cash received those two-month vaccinations, he was cranky and
was given Tylenol, which was recommended by the doctor. Cash’s breathing
issues worsened. Days passed and the apnea spells continued.
Cash’s mother felt helpless and didn’t know what to do while waiting
for Cash to be scheduled for an appointment. She would prop up Cash on
his Boppy pillow and on one occurrence, she witnessed Cash holding his
face and not breathing for fifteen seconds.

Whitney was so scared because when Cash would sleep, he was gasping
for air more often and his apnea episodes worsened following the
two-month vaccines, but none of the doctors would help him.

Baby Cash Was Laughing and Playing; 5 Hours Later He Died

On July 4, 2013, after an eventful firework celebration on
Independence Day, Cash was laughing and playing on his Boppy pillow. He
went to sleep around 11:30 PM, in a natural, elevated position, cradled
in his mother’s arm, on his back. He had a bassinet he often slept in
but sleeping next to mom was more preferred this night.

On July 5, 2013, around 5:08 AM, five hours after they fell asleep,
his mother woke up thinking it was odd Cash hadn’t awakened yet, because
he would normally wake up sooner, to feed. Cash was still in the same
position he fell asleep in. He was on his back and completely face up.
His mother needed to get up and when she moved her arm out from under
him, Cash rolled off her arm and onto his face. He didn’t try to move.
Whitney knew something was wrong. She picked him up and yelled his
name. Cash was still warm, but his lips were cold. She yelled for his
dad Jesse to call 911. It took the ambulance eight minutes to get to
them and they only lived two blocks away. The ambulance showed up and
emergency responders took Cash and tried to revive him.

All attempts to resuscitate Cash were unsuccessful and he was
pronounced dead at Children’s Mercy Hospital, at 5:51 AM. He was only
two and a half months old. When Cash died, emergency responders noted
Cash had a significant amount of blood in the back of his throat and
that no foul play was suspected.

Cash’s Parents Were Treated Like Criminals

Cash’s parents were immediately separated and taken to the hospital
in two separate vehicles. His mom had to ride alone in a detective’s
car. When she entered the emergency room at Children’s Mercy, she was
taken into a room followed by ten strangers who were there to explain to
her that her son was dead. Whitney said, “I don’t want to hear it! I brought my son to you for help because he would stop breathing. You wouldn’t help him.”

Cash’s dad Jesse arrived in a second detective’s vehicle 30 minutes
later. In the hospital, when Cash’s parents were finally allowed to be
together, they felt they were being held hostage, while they were
counseled with a chaplain present.

Whitney and Jesse were not allowed to leave that hospital room until
the results came back from a skeletal survey done on their son, proving
their innocence that Cash didn’t die because of foul play. It is
unthinkable that parents are treated like this after losing their baby.
They felt they were being treated as criminals.

Cash’s Mother Was Asked to Donate His Organs and Tissue
Once Cash’s parents were allowed to leave the hospital, less than two
hours later, Children’s Mercy phoned Whitney, to ask if she would give
permission for them to donate Cash’s useable organs and tissue. Whitney
couldn’t handle this and was so upset and told them not to touch her
She was emotionally unable to re-enter her home for over a week.

Vaccines Were Not Mentioned on Cash’s Autopsy Report

Cash’s immediate cause of death on his autopsy report was labeled
“probable asphyxiation,” due to co-sleeping with an adult, leaving his
mother feeling guilty she was responsible. It was ruled accidental.
Cash had a significant amount of blood in the back of his throat and
many of his organs were congested. His body was starved of oxygen. There
were no signs of suffocation when Cash died, he was on his back and no
object was obstructing his airways.

Cash had no blood vessels that burst in his eyes, he had no petechiae
in his eyes, no swelling of his face, no bruising on his face, no blood
pooling in his face and his face was not discolored, which are things a
person would show signs of if they truly suffocated.
Major findings during Cash’s autopsy, from the office of the Jackson County Medical Examiner in Kansas City, Missouri, were:

“I. Probable asphyxia. 

A. History of being found unresponsive, after co-sleeping with adult. 

B. Thymus and lung petechiae. 

C. Severe congestion of internal organs.”

Based on these findings, Cash’s immune system was overstimulated.
These findings on Cash’s autopsy report are typical of someone who
suffered a severe reaction, associated with an immune system or asthma
related inflammatory response. Petechiae found in the thymus and lungs
represents Cash’s capillaries were bleeding, where blood was able to
leak into the skin. Vaccines can affect the thymus. [6,7]

Co-sleeping wouldn’t lead to this type of reaction, but a vaccine
reaction could and the coroner completely ignored this. In viewing the
vaccine package inserts to the vaccines given to Cash, one can read that
sepsis, apnea, breath-holding, SIDS, allergic reaction, etc. are listed
as associated risks to these vaccines.

Cash’s mother was not informed by the pediatrician that all of the
vaccines Cash received are associated with breathing problems and apnea
as possible adverse reactions, which is stated on each of the vaccine
package inserts to the vaccines given to Cash. [8,9,10,11,12,13]

Had Whitney known this information, she wouldn’t have allowed him
to be vaccinated further. Vaccinating a child with vaccines linked to
apnea is negligent, but doctors get away with this because they aren’t
held liable when the vaccines harm.

Cash’s’ death is plausibly an iatrogenic death, due to a medical
intervention that involved vaccination. This should not be ignored and
Whitney, along with an endless number of other parents, wants her
child’s death certificate changed to acknowledge vaccines as the most
plausible contributing factor in the death of their child.

Proof Cash’s Pediatrician Vaccinated Him Before He Was Tested for Apnea
This is the medical record proving the doctor signed off on the
vaccines while Cash still had unresolved apnea spells. This was not
mentioned on Cash’s autopsy report.

The Coroner Also Failed to Mention Cash Slept in a Bassinet

On Cash’s autopsy report, the coroner noted Cash had a history of
being found unresponsive, after co-sleeping with an adult. The coroner
failed to mention that Cash slept in a bassinet as well, and his
breathing episodes also occurred in his bassinet, not just when
co-sleeping, as stated on the emergency room document from the 5-26-13
visit, shown in the image below.

Take a look at the ingredients in these vaccines, from the CDC’s
website. These are the ingredients in the eight vaccine doses Cash
received before he passed away. It is appalling and is not understood
why Cash’s medical examiner wasn’t required to note these vaccines on
his autopsy report. [14]

The coroner didn’t mention that Cash’s mom sought help for her son’s
apnea episodes and no help was provided except for a prescription for
reflux. The coroner noted that Cash had a history of being found
unresponsive, after co-sleeping with an adult, while ignoring these
other facts about his case, and Whitney wants the ruling on her son’s
death certificate to be changed. She is only one of many parents who are
put through this vaccine-related death coverup.

Redheads May Be More Susceptible to Vaccine Injuries

Cash’s grandmother, Gaela Fisher, is a former Labor & Delivery
Nurse (LPN) and she is currently working as a Certified Labor Doula.
Gaela is concerned about her other grandchildren, some of whom are
redheads like Cash was. She is concerned there isn’t enough research to
understand if redheaded children are more susceptible to vaccine
injuries due to a genetic defect they carry in their MCR1 gene.
Redheads have a variant of the human MCR1 gene. The MCR1 gene plays a
role in the brain’s central functions. This gene variant affects
melanin production and leads to the individual being more or less likely
to feel pain while under anesthesia. Many doctors are aware that
redheads may require a different dose of anesthesia because of their
pain tolerance or intolerance.

Vaccines have a long history of being linked to causing brain damage;
thus, redheaded individuals may be at an increased risk of suffering a
severe vaccine reaction. More studies need to be done to understand
vaccine risk susceptibility in redheads. [15,16,17]
Gaela shares,

“Years ago, when my clients wanted
more information about vaccines, seventy-five percent of them are VBAC
clients, I started doing more research to get informed. My sister and I
are both nurses and we supported vaccines when we were young, but the
more we’ve learned about them, the more we embrace natural medicines and
the body’s immune system.

My daughter still trusted the vaccines
and thought they were safe, like I once did. I did what I could to help
her learn about vaccines but had to step back and let her make her own

I was always so thankful that in our
big family we had never lost a baby, or had one who was sick. I have 20
grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Losing one is just horrible.
It is so ironic that I’ve spent years telling parents about the dangers
of vaccines and then my own grandson dies from them.

Cash was such a beautiful baby. The
last time I held him while he was still alive, he was just really
starting to giggle and coo. Isn’t it amazing how someone can only be in
your life for 10 weeks, yet forever change your heart?

Looking at his records and everything
that happened, it’s like the hospital, the doctor and the vaccine
company all let my daughter and grandchild down. How could someone not
do something when you have a baby that stops breathing? Whitney kept
telling them something was wrong and they just blew her off! Doctors
should always listen to the mama’s intuition! It’s almost always right!
My grandson didn’t have to die. He shouldn’t have died!

The very last time I held Cash was to
dress his little body and rock him before I placed him in his casket. My
daughter could not do it. I wanted him to have loving hands on him
before he was buried.

We miss Cash so much. I have a strong
faith, it doesn’t take the pain away but it gives me hope. Our family
believes we will see our loved ones again. I’m not sure how people go
through this with no faith. I believe Cash is with us and I believe we
will be with him in Heaven. I just sure wish we could be with him

I hope that through Cash, the word
will spread that our vaccines are not safe for our babies. I believe his
life had a purpose. I just pray that other babies will be saved because
of what the vaccines did to him. I don’t want his little life to mean

I pray that this article will
influence other parents and grandparents to get educated about vaccine
injury. We want his story to be out there. I pass his story to everyone
who will listen. If one baby lives because he died, his life will have
meant something great!”

Whitney Filed a Vaccine Injury Claim for Her Son’s Death
Whitney was turned down by three vaccine injury attorneys before a
fourth attorney helped her file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury
Compensation Program (NVICP). She was able to file just before the two
year deadline.

The most Whitney would be awarded for a death benefit is $250,000.
Most parents never receive a penny and those that do often have their
case settled for less. Nearly two-thirds of the claims get denied and it
can take years for a final decision, while parents struggle to pay for
their child’s funeral or other medical expenses.

With donations VacTruth has received, we have donated $400 to
Whitney’s vaccine injury case, to help her get Cash’s claim filed in
time. This is the price that has to be paid first, to file a vaccine
injury claim. It is important to understand the financial responsibility
one has after vaccines have taken the life of your loved one; this is
the sad recourse set in place in the United States. [18]

Another $2400 is due soon, to cover the expert witness retainer
fee for Cash’s case. Since medical examiners omit the vaccines had
anything to do with a child’s passing, parents often face the extra
hurdle of hiring an expert witness, to help prove their child plausibly
died from an injury related to the vaccines administered.
Through further donations received, VacTruth wants to help cover this
retainer fee so Cash’s case can move forward. If you would like to help
by sending a donation, Whitney, Jesse, Gaela and the VacTruth team
sincerely appreciate your help and kind support, in honor of Cash. We
want his death to be acknowledged.

Cash’s Mother Speaks Out for the First Time Since Losing Her Son
Leaving you with words from Cash’s mother, Whitney Hill shares,

“Cash was the best baby. He was so
easygoing and playful. I was so happy to have him and felt so blessed. I
called him my little buddy. He was my third child. 

Parents like me once valued what my
child’s doctor had to say and I believed them when they told me vaccines
were safe, but I don’t anymore. Because I listened to the doctors, I
had to watch my son get buried. Your kids shouldn’t be seen being

The day before I attended my own son’s
funeral, I saw him at the funeral home. When the door opened, I fell to
my knees and cried. I could do nothing for him now. As I was kneeling
there and looking at him, I sang him lullabies. I told him how much I
loved him and to sleep with the angels.

I had supported vaccinations and
fully trusted the doctor when she said it was ok to give Cash the two
month vaccines. I was reassured Cash would be fine and there was no need
to worry. 

After Cash died, I wasn’t able to talk
about him or what happened. I was so frustrated because the doctors
ignored my concerns and then the autopsy blamed me for co-sleeping,
which is not why he died. My mom did a lot of searching for information.
It was when she told me you can’t sue a doctor for vaccine injuries
because there is a vaccine court put in place to protect vaccine
manufacturers and doctors from liability.

This made me question and started
making me realize the truth. It made me question if vaccines are so
great, why did the government have to set up a vaccine court to protect
the doctors and manufacturers from liability? 

For me, filing a claim with the NVICP
is not about the money because no amount of money will bring my baby
back and all I want is to have my baby back with me. If I do get
awarded, I will use that money to help create Cash’s Law. This law will
require doctors to spend a certain amount of time with patients and
listen to them more. They will also need to fully explain the risks
involved with the vaccinations, because this is not being done. 

If I was told either of these vaccines
could kill my baby, Cash would still be here, because I would have said
no to them. 

I want my son’s death certificate changed. I did not harm
my son by co-sleeping with him. I do not want that on his death
certificate because that is not what killed him.

I want people to know these vaccines
are killing our babies and hurting adults too. We fully believe 100%
that the vaccines caused Cash’s health problems and caused him to stop
breathing in his sleep. After the shots, he had more breathing episodes.
It makes me so frustrated because the doctors wouldn’t listen to me.

My child’s life didn’t have to end,
his death was preventable. It’s not fair those pushing for more vaccines
probably don’t vaccinate their own children and they are healthier
because they wouldn’t dare let their own child be injected with what’s
in these shots. Their children will grow up and go off to college, drive
fancy cars and have a trust fund at the expense of my baby and many

I am not the person I once was. I am
not the same. There is a whole piece of me missing. I would give
anything for all 3 of my children to be driving me crazy right now.
Cherish every moment with your children and don’t take things for

To my baby, I love you, Cash. Your
family loves you so much and we miss you. I would give anything to have
you here with me again. Sleep with the angels little buddy. Mommy loves


After watching their son get buried, Cash’s parents were thrown into a
world they didn’t know much about. They were now another set of
grieving parents who senselessly lost their child due to medical
practices recommended under a doctor’s care.
Vaccines are being ignored when compiling infant mortality data. In
2013, Cash Dewayne Thomas was one of 23,440 babies who died in the
United States before reaching their first birthday, according to the
latest infant mortality data published in 2016. [19] About 11,300
newborns die within their first day of life, many soon after receiving
their first hepatitis B vaccine dose in the hospital. [20]
If medical examiners are completely omitting an infant’s
vaccination history on their autopsy report, then vaccines will not
fairly contribute to infant mortality data. One must question why the
vaccines are being ruled out so quickly as a cause of death, when so
many babies are dying following the shots.
We send our love to Cash and are heartbroken for his loss. We must remember him and all that he has taught us.



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