Climate First protests inside two branches of TD Bank

TD Bank owns about 600 million shares of Transcanada, builder of the
Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. For this they are known as "Tar Dollar
Bank." On the 29th of June a small crew of Climate First activists
managed to enter not one but two branches and demand inside that they
divest from TransCanada.

At the TD Bank at Connecticut Ave and S street, no manager was on duty, but the senior staffer there committed the manager to meet with a delegation from Climate First on Monday, the 1st of July. A manager was present at the second TD Bank at 15th and P Streets, he told activists to speak with a PR person he named. That branch is the one where the concrete barrel lockdown was set up back in March.

While the PR specialist is probably a "flack-catcher," the manager at the first TD Bank probably is not. Both branches will end up having to report that the Transcanada investment is causing the problems.

It is very difficult in my experience to get the target of this sort of protest to agree to a meeting. I've never seen it happen with Huntingdon Life Sciences protests I've been in, yet hundreds of companies have dumped HLS. Hopefully TD Bank is starting to buckle. They are the largest single shareholder in Transcanada, so if they dump, TransCanada will be in real trouble.