HIDDEN CAMERA Inside Masonic Lodge

HIDDEN CAMERA Inside Masonic Lodge


names of candidates Serdar Buyukustun job is Electric Engineer ,Aykut Erensoy job is Electric Engineer ,Kemal Ali Akman job is self-employed....

Copy that identities of candidates,,Take them in please...
First of all, you must promise us gentlemen ..

accepted Mason LODGE or no accepted ...we say dark thinking room the moment

you enter, you must no tell anybody we make what in this lodge ...

you must promise for your honor...

mr Aykut Erensoy YEs i promise,,Serdar Buyukustun Yes I promise,,Mr Kenan Ali Akman ,Yes i Promise

My investigative brother,candidates sit please

Mr Serdar Buyukustun ,,tell me please what is withstand to your chest....

This is a Metal element ,,Sword

Mr Aykut Erensoy,,tell me please what is withstand to your chest....

like a sword

We withstand to your breast because if you dishonor one's word ,,you suffer
in your life time and regret

We dont want misunderstanding and want teach to this...

Do you really wanna join we want teach..

Mr Aykut Erensoy is your lodge form write their own self-determination


candidate's will make first journey

03:30 time

who is that,candidates looking for true light,,

Gentleman repeat with me oath

Universe s supreme architect i come this lodge because i want come to this lodge ,,i will be sincere i promise,,

i no tell anybody i make this lodge i teach what i will not tell anybody

i will work for Masons,,

i will promise Free Masons tell me what i will make,,i will join Mason Lodge meeting regular

My Brothers ,,,What do you want for this Candidates,,

We want to scientific truth respectable

when hammer third times hit you give them scientific truth when hammer hit third times

We show you this many sword and meaning of this we take care you all lifetime by Mason lodge