Hitler's Muslim Waffen SS Nazis Praying Islamonazism

After youtube decided to delete this video which had previously gone viral, because it received complaints from some lefties and Muslims who didn't like which it exposed;
- It exposed the Nazi alliance with Islam
- It exposed Muslims within the comments section who overwhelmingly still showed support for Nazism
I have have re-upload here;

Members of the Osttürkischer Waffen-Verband der SS praying to Allah.

Starring IslamoNazi Harun-el-Raschid Bey, born as Wilhelm Hintersatz, German SS commander and convert to Islam. It also features religious Muslim and first Imam of the division, SS Obermulla Nakib-Chodja Nureddin.

Muslims also made up the majority of other SS divisions including the Handschar and Skanderbeg divisions. Hitler was quite aware of the violent nature of Islam and asked his Arab Muslim friend, the Mufti Al Husseini, to recruit Muslims from all over the world to fight for the Nazis.

Hitler and Himmler stated that Muslim soldiers be given Halal food, set prayer times and should not forced to drink alcohol. They also advised that anyone who insulted Islam or Muslims were to be severely punished.


By: CJS (445.60)

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