Just messing around with one of my Tarantula's [R.I.P]

You see videos/pictures everywhere of models, modeling clothes/perfumes/beer/ etc. Why not model Tarantula's?!? Totally joking.. but I'm kinda serious ._. Or am I? Anyways, This is just a video of me and my Tarantula, "Kilo." He is an Avicularia Avicularia species, or AKA, "Pink Toe Tarantula." He is extremely nice and likes to walk all over my hands :).

Update 9/3/13: Kilo has now passed on to little Spidey heaven. He was a fully-grown, male adult.
He was my favorite spider to handle because of his sweet, tolerable nature, but now he's gone.. Forever in my heart little guy..RIP... :/........