A driver of a passenger car who rammed a gas station died

The surveillance camera captured the moment of an accident with a fatal outcome that occurred at five in the morning on Friday, July 3, in Samara.

The driver of the Lada Vesta car lost control and at high speed took off from the roadway, being in the gas station.

The passenger car was stopped by the information stele, where the cost of fuel is usually placed - the car crashed into the structure, after which eyewitnesses rushed to the wrecked vehicle.

It is known that as a result of the incident killed a 46-year-old man who was driving a Lada. There was no one in the car salon except him.

According to local media , citing eyewitnesses, the alleged perpetrator of the accident could be intoxicated, but this information has not yet been confirmed from official sources.



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Location: Samara