Riot police in Greece fire stun grenades amid running street battles with anarchists

Riot police in Greece fired stun grenades and tear gas at masked anarchists wielding sticks and hurling stones outside a university in Athens on Wednesday (October 30).

Video captured by Canadian tourist Jesse Centini in front of Athens University Of Economics And Business on Patission Street shows riot police throwing stun grenades and charging at a group of people wearing .

"I am a tourist here in Athens and left my hotel around 1pm to go for a walk and do some shopping on this busy street," Centini told Newsflare. "As I turned the corner I noticed builtup traffic and a lot of smoke so I walked up the street to get a closer look.

"I saw the masked individuals taunting the riot police and banging their sticks on the ground and others holding bricks.

"As soon as I started recording, the individuals marched towards the riot police and began to throw stones at them and initiate violence; police then charged back with flash bombs."

Centini said the anarchist logo had been put up on street signs in the area.

Local media reported that a group of about 40 hooded protesters set fire to garbage dumpsters outside the university and that fliers expressing solidarity with demonstrators in Chile had been spotted by eyewitnesses.


By: NewsFlare (63906.00)

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Location: Greece