Randal & Simon's Big Damn Movie LEAKED CLIP!!

The upcoming Fall '09 film by Jonathan Liguori "Randal & Simon's Big Damn Movie" featuring, for the fifth and last time, the dynamic duo: Randal (Mr. Reilly) and Simon (Mr. Chei). The movie was set to be premiered and released in the Fall of 2009 but we got our hands on it first!

Randal and Simon are two young men with the whole summer in front of them. Randal is a one-track-minded womanizer, but with charm of a sweet talker and the innocence of a boy. His trusty sidekick Simon is a young lad with a blurry future ahead of him and a strict father who wants to get him out into the working world. This unlikely pair catches wind of a party; claimed to be THE biggest party of the summer until disaster strikes for the duo and everyone else when the plans fall through. As the night doesn't seem to be getting any better, Randal embarks on his own quest to track down a mystery woman who he is smitten with and Simon is forced to return home. How will the duo pull a happy ending out of this one?