Despite Obamas Best Effort the US Economy Better/Stronger Than All Other Countries In The World...US Leads World since 1857...

Lots of bitter, insecure euro-trolls on this website are very naive and ignorant, lol.


3 Reasons Why The US Economy Is Doing Better Than Everywhere Else In The World
With the latest batch of manufacturing data out,

As far as big economy's go, we're pretty much the world's last best hope.

But beyond the sheer numbers, a more interesting question might be: why is the US doing so good?

We'd point to a few reasons.

1. Excellent policy out of Washington DC.

No, really! Despite the utter dysfunction, the US has not (yet)
succumbed to the global austerity wave, as fiscal policy has remained
incredibly accommodative.
You can see that deficits compared to GDP have been extraordinarily high in recent years, meaning plenty of firepower.

Compare that to England (where
came in with a mandate to cut spending, or the Eurozone where, well,
you know... and you can't not conclude that US policy is stellar.
2. A balanced economy, not too dependent on exports.

Unlike China and other hot emerging markets, the US is not all that
export reliant. Sure, we trade massively with the ret of the world, but
as a country that does not rely on its trade surplus for growth (unlike
China), weakening of demand in Europe
3. Housing.

This was at the center (or near the center) of the crash, but now it's coming back on virtually all measures.

At a time when other economic factors are proving to be impediments, this is a nice (and arguably surprising) shot in the arm.

There are other factors that make the US generally good (a good
climate for business, silicon valley, etc.). But these are three trends
that define the current landscape.