Police officer saves Drowning dog with mouth to mouth

Video: Kiss Of Life Saves Dog Plucked From River
One officer jumps into the water to drag the dog out, while another performs CPR without hesitation to save the animal's life.
Police officers saved a dog's life by performing CPR after rescuing it from dangerous currents in a swollen river following a deadly mudslide.

Video of the rescue issued by Colombian police shows the animal flailing in the rushing water of the Liboriana River, in the mountain town of Salgar.

A group of officers initially ran alongside the river as the dog's head bobbed in and out of the muddy water and shouts of "jump in, jump in" could be heard.

One policeman eventually did and despite almost being dragged under the water himself, grabbed the dog and pulled it to safety on the river bank.

He handed the lifeless canine over to a colleague, who performed CPR without hesitation.

The two officers then administered further first aid until the dog was able to get back on its feet.

Although a little shaky at first and suffering injuries caused by rocks and debris in the river, it is expected to make a full recovery.

At least 78 people were killed by the mudslide, which was Colombia's worst natural disaster in more than 15 years.

Authorities say there is no chance of finding any more survivors.