Ron Paul Exposes The Real War On The Middle Class

One of the great ironies of American politics is that most
politicians who talk about helping the middle class support policies
that, by expanding the welfare-warfare state, are harmful to
middle-class Americans. Eliminating the welfare-warfare state
would benefit middle-class Americans by freeing them from exorbitant
federal taxes, including the Federal Reserve’s inflation tax.

Politicians serious about helping middle-class Americans should allow individuals to opt
out of Social Security and Medicare by not having to pay payroll taxes
if they agree to never accept federal retirement or health care benefits.
Individuals are quite capable of meeting their own unique retirement
and health care needs if the government stops forcing them into
one-size-fits-all plans.

Middle-class families with college-age children would benefit if government got out of the student loan business. Government
involvement in higher education is the main reason tuition is
skyrocketing and so many Americans are graduating with huge student loan
debts. College graduates entering the job market would
certainly benefit if Congress stopped imposing destructive regulations
and taxes on the economy.

Politicians who support an interventionist foreign policy are obviously
not concerned with the harm inflicted on the middle-class populations of
countries targeted for regime change. These politicians also disregard
the harm US foreign policy inflicts on Americans. Middle- and
working-class Americans, and their families, who join the military
certainly suffer when they are maimed or killed fighting in unjust and
unconstitutional wars. Our interventionist foreign policy also contributes to the high tax burden imposed on middle-class Americans.

Middle-class Americans also suffer from intrusions on their liberty
and privacy, such as not being able to board an airplane unless they
submit to invasive and humiliating searches. Even children and the physically disabled are not safe from the Transposition Security Administration.
These assaults are justified by the threat of terrorism, a direct
result of our interventionist foreign policy that fosters hatred and
resentment of Americans.
Some “military Keynesians” claim that middle-class workers benefit from jobs in the military-industrial complex.
Military Keynesians seem to think that the resources spent on
militarism would disappear if the Pentagon’s budget were cut. The truth
is, if we reduced spending on militarism, those currently employed by
the military-industrial complex would be able to find new jobs producing
goods desired by consumers. Even those currently employed as lobbyists
for the military-industrial complex may be able to find useful work.
Few things would benefit the middle class more than ending the Federal Reserve.
The Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies erode middle-class
families’ standards of living while benefiting the financial and
political elites. Middle-class Americans may gain some temporary
benefits from Federal Reserve created booms, but they also suffer from
the inevitable busts.
As I write this, the dollar still reigns as the world’s reserve currency. However, there
are signs that other economies are moving away from using the dollar as
the reserve currency, and this trend will accelerate as the Federal
Reserve continues to pump more fiat currency into the economy and as
resentment toward our foreign policy grows. Eventually,
international investors will lose confidence in the US economy, the
dollar will lose its reserve currency status, and the dollar bubble will
These events will cause a major economic downturn that may even be worse than the Great Depression. The main victims of this crisis will be average Americans. The only way to avoid this calamity is for the American
people to force Congress to free them from the burdens of the warfare
state, the welfare state, taxation, and fiat currency.