Crazy Atheists

Dear Atheists,
Why you mad bro?

No really... I recently
defended religion recently by illustrating that atheist do not hold any
moral high ground in history. I had more thumbs down than I could
count. Fact is, I do not consider myself as religious but in my on
mental pursuit with life and death or the chicken and the egg, I have
reconciled myself as agnostic. That is just me but I sit in the middle
and I see the irrationality on both sides. However, I think it is funny
and ironic that the very thing that atheist despise; the forcing
beliefs on others and the proselytization is perpetuated by the non

So in defense of the agnostics and religious people
here on LL and to juxtapose the videos from Big_Bang or dcmfox, allow me
to present this video.