Urban Youths trash Detroit gas station; Redistribute Wealth

DETROIT, Mich. (WJBK) -It's a shocking crime caught on surveillance video. Looters trash and steal from a Detroit gas station. No one's been arrested or charged in the case. The owner tells us, he's thinking of closing up shop.

Click on the video player to see the surveillance video and Randy Wimbley's live report.

A free for all at a gas station on Detroit's east side has the store manager fed up. He asked not to be identified, fearing retaliation for coming forward, and Fox 2 is not revealing the location of the gas station.

"The city ain't the same anymore," he says. "The young, ignorant generation is moving business owners and the good citizens of Detroit out of the city."

It happened around 12:30am Sunday and it was all caught on camera. The owner says his clerk told a man to leave the store and that threw the customer into a rage. He banged on the bullet proof glass, swiped nearly everything off the counter, and that's when people started running inside one by one and helping themselves to anything and everything in the store. One woman can be seen leaving and then coming back for more merchandise.

"What's running through your mind as this is happening?" Fox 2 asked the manager.

"This is the City of Detroit," he said.

As shocking as it looks the manager claims this is "normal" and he says he says he's not surprised. He believes there have been worse incidents than the one that was caught on camera, but owners are too afraid to talk about what's going on.

After the wild scene inside, the mayhem continued outside. Video captured a man trying to throw a brick through the front door. The manager believes a lack of police, lack of patrols and slow response times have emboldened customers who double as crooks. He fears incidents like this will drive businesses out of Detroit.

If you have any information on the thieves seen in this video, call Detroit Police.

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