On the Gold Trail - Pt. 3 - Finally Found Some Sh$t

Just when you think you've hit paydirt, you realize some other old salty bastard with a 3' long beard tunneled a hole in a mountain long before you ever thought of going up there. I did manage to pick up some veiny scraps in the basalt and about 35lbs of schist with gold flake to crush and pan out. I have my metal detector set only to AU and will not hit on Fe - iron. Only a fool walks away from pyrite - you know you're getting close when you see it and smell the sulphides in the rock. Some dogs smell dope, I smell sulfur.


By: mediaeinstein (2940.68)

Tags: yoursay, liveleakers, AU, Gold, Creek, Mountains, Schist, Sulfur, Pyrite, Basalt, Tunnel, mediaeinstein

Location: Canada