2012 GOP Election Rigged: Neocons caught cheating against Ron Paul



Romney couldn't even beat Paul in his own state without cheating, Bachman barely won her own state over Paul and had to buy thousands of votes by buying tickets to a concert to hand out in return for the vote. Santorum was nearly booed off the stage in the debates trying to attack Ron.

Yet the GOP and FIxed (fox) news had a presidential debate including them and excluding Ron Paul.

Neocons are assuring that we have a 1 party NWO dictatorship by teaming up with these so called "liberals" and "progressives"

2004- we had Bush who had to just waged a war based on lies vs Gore who completely supported the war based on lies but to add to the mix he wanted to create a global carbon tax for him to tax every person on earth to "save the world"

2008- Obama, what needs to be said?? Vs McCain who proposed Bush was not bombing enough countries and sang "bomb Iran" on the campaign trail.

2012- obamacare vs romney care.. Banker bailouts vs banker bailouts, NSA vs NSA, war vs war

Wake up
Paul Revolution 2016!!!