Palestinians,Hamas outraged after they confused children's movie set for new Jewish outpost

Palestinians have been outraged over the past two day by reports of a new Jewish outpost being built near the village of Deir Istiya in the Samaria region of the West Bank, only that the "outpost" was actually a temporary set of a movie featuring local children's star Yuval Shemtov, known as Yuval HaMebulbal ( Confused Yuval). The production company behind the film told Channel 2 that the location was chosen for its combination of mountainous terrain and greenery, not as a political statement. Nazmi Salman, a known Palestinian activist in Deir Istiya, was behind the false reports. He claimed a group of settlers, which he believed were from the nearby Jewish Nofim , hastily built an outpost on lands near Khirbet Shihada.


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