Crazy Guy Brings Megaphone to “shame” me in Front of my Neighbours. (I’ve had multiple run-ins with him over the past 3 years and he’s 100% convinced

Allow me to clarify. Approximately 3 years ago, I was sitting in my vehicle a few blocks from my home and I happened to notice someone crossing the street behind me taking a picture of my license plate. Naturally, I leaned my head out the window to ask what he was doing, he then ran up to my window saying “Dave (or something similar), that’s you isn’t it?”. I responded with no, because my name isn’t Dave. He carried on, “yeah, that’s you Dave. We have a history don’t we?”. I again told him that I have no idea who or this Dave guy is and he needed to get the F away from my truck immediately. He stepped back, pointing his finger stating, “I’m coming for you, payback is a bitch”

I wrote it off as some crazy dude having a bad day and moved on with my life. Fast forward about 6 months when I’m sitting at a stop light close to my home and who do I see crossing the street? Yes, my new friend.
He looks over and sees me then immediately approaches my window again, this time saying that he now knows where I live, my wife’s name, where she works, the value of my home etc...which he actually did. This infuriated me obviously.

I opened my door abruptly pushing him out of the way then got in his face and In not so many words told him that if he ever came near my home or my family that he would regret it.
We were nose to nose but he backed off and walked away. After that confrontation, I went to the police and filed a report. The next day cameras were installed on my home.

Fast forward another 3 months or so and I’m in my vehicle at the local Walmart sending an email when I hear a tap on my window...I look up to see you know who. I once again told him to get the F away from me...he started yelling some shit about how he knows I’m ex-police and I’ve been stalking him in his house from my vehicle. I drove away with him mid non-sensors rant and didn’t see or hear of him again until I received a phone call from a detective with the Edmonton city police about 3 months after.

The detective began asking me questions about this person and how we were connected. I told him the entire story and He stated that this person had an incredibly elaborate story of how I had been stalking him using several different vehicles at all hours of the day blah blah. He mentioned that he didn’t believe a word he was saying because none of it made sense.

He then said with a chuckle, “ I’m only asking you this because I have to but, have you been stalking this guy?” I said no and he said that’s what he thought. Case closed right?

Wrong. He once sent flowers to my wife with a card that read, “sorry you have to deal with Dave, you can do so much better”

I’ve driven past him waking down the sidewalk with his wife and dog a few times since and each time he just starts ranting and screaming...

Fast forward to April 26th when it had been almost a year since I’d seen or heard from him. I was sitting in my office and began hearing a muffled voice coming from outside. I look out my windows and what do you know?

That is when I started this video...


By: Vernon James (3.00)

Tags: Crazy man, psycho