MEDIC! Blue Lives Matter Snitch Maces Antifa Protester in the Face

In this video a small group of Blue Lives Matter counter protesters showed up to an anti-police protest in downtown Portland, Oregon. Once spotted they ran away and in the process one woman maced anybody that got close to her. When one guy got maced in the face he hit the ground fast and people started yelling "medic" so much I though I was watching Saving Private Ryan. Eventually the Blue Lives Matter bitches fled to a 711 and called the cops. The cops to their aid in an instant of course and a snitch fest featuring plenty of whiny ass snitches on both sides.

This video was shot by Sol Luna who pointed out with his commentary that he did not want to be a snitch, so he didn't give a statement to the cops, but others in crowd did. They are lucky they are not in prison because they would not last long in general population after doing something like that. Anyone that knowingly gives information directly to the police that could lead to an arrest is a punk ass rat.

It is not a defense to a charge of snitching that the person you were snitching on snitched on you first. So, keep that in mind the next time you think about asking the police "why don't you arrest someone that pepper sprayed someone". When you do that you are snitching. What kind of legitimate anti-police protester gives the cops information? I don't know exactly which groups these rats belong to. My guesses are Antifa or Black Lives Matter, so to those organizations I say take a good look at this footage and clean your own laundry. You have an infestation on your hands. You can't help the cops with information and rightfully claim to be anti-police. That just is not possible.

Sol Luna ended this video with some excellent commentary about how he would have been on the ground had anyone accused him of being armed like people were accusing the Blue Lives Bitch. It is a really good example of double standards in policing. If you tell the cops that you came downtown to support them they will let you get away with assaulting people with weapons, which is what mace is, a weapon.

Sol Luna has done an excellent job covering Protests in Portland lately. I highly recommend following him on Facebook for the latest from the front lines in Portland.

Lastly, there is no way that those counter-protesters are real Nazis. Real Nazis hate the cops. If they are with any Nazi organization in Oregon they won't be for long because Nazis hate snitches. I know this because I spent over a year in general population at an active United States Penitentiary.

If you would like to help warn others about snitches in their midst join and post a snitch today at

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