Man Defends Himself When Confronted by Crazed Leftists Who Want to Kill Him

You can rest assured you won't see this video on any major news site as they are trying to paint a completely different picture of what really happened here.

This guy clearly acts in self defense while some guy tries to club him out with a skateboard AND the loony leftist antifa nut jobs shout out they are going to him.


And notice how quick the left wants to defund the police but also how quick they cry for them when a guy defends himself by neutralizing a threat.

What a bunch of hypocrites and cry babies.

Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to those who think can attack people with impunity and that yes, there will be consequences to attempted murder.

I hope they round up all of the people who were screaming out to this guy and charge them all accordingly.

Oh. And don't bring a skateboard to a gun fight. Unless you're going to use it to try and escape.


By: BobWhiteAtNight (7267.80)

Tags: Antifa, murderers, loony left, hyprocrites, cry babies, mommy where are the police when I want them

Location: New Mexico

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