Has zombiestench returned to the grave? (no vid, pic only)

My last tribute to the great zombiestench was "deleted" before i even got ta see it's impact on the Liveleak community!
zombiestench was a cool cat and as i turn and wake the spring soil with my machete i unearth year old carrots and am reminded that life always finds a way and with any luck Mr. Stench is creating a new profile as i type.

I had a question section i never got ta see answered.

What is a "ticket"?
How many infractions before bad things happen?
What is "add item to channel"?

What does "become friends with this user" mean?

I loaded a risque pic that showed the bottom of a female nipple and was flagged,
yet there are channels rollin' around with all kindsa naked action...
perhaps it was 'cause i did'nt "own" the pic?

Strange fact: original upload was axed after 37 comments and 666 views!