'I think they need to find Jesus': YouTuber interviews attendees at 'hetrosexual family' rally in Oregon, US

A YouTuber interviewed attendees at a rally to "celebrate the natural heterosexual family" set up by a church in Sandy, Oregon.

Jake Silberman visited the rally on March 20 and got opinions from various attendees including a Proud Boys member and LGBTQ allies.

One Trump supporter when asked about tensions at the rally said: "They hate us having our own opinion about straight pride. We want to support being straight but the media hates it for some reason, I don't know why. They can have gay pride parades, I don't give a f***, they can do it."

Another woman wearing a USA cap said "I think they need to find Jesus" when asked about gay couples.

Todd, the vice president of the Portland Proud Boys, explained that the church that set up the rally asked them to attend in case of any counter-protests.

The preacher at the rally said: "I believe the natural family is under attack."

He added that he has a gay family member: "I told him on the phone that isn't his purpose, it is your potential but it isn't your purpose."

When asked what his purpose should be, the preacher replied: "To grow up into a young man and become a husband and a father."

One young woman said: "I was taught that Jesus loves everybody regardless of who you are so when I see Christians spouting hateful messages like 'you're not natural if you're gay' it's really hurtful and I just hope we can teach our youth that Jesus loves you no matter who you are."


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