Anti Assad propaganda Rogue One (a few spoilers)

Just went to Star Wars Rogue One that was a pro Syrian rebel propaganda extravaganza, amazing how the SW rebels look like Syrian rebels and the Empire as the technologically superior Syrian and Russian army.

The rebels state literally that they “have done terrible things for the cause, for the rebellion” murder, torture, destruction, but all for the good cause. As if they are justifying the Syrian rebels for the barbarism.

- praying to the force all the time, it’s like listening to hackbars.
- The Empire destroys a complete city (Aleppo)
- All the black women (one) are wearing a hijab and these hijab’s are all over the place
- Lots of Arabic looking men in the rebellion
- only white Western men in the Empire

I’m convinced that the US propaganda had a say in this movie like they also did with Disney’s Tomorrowland’s global warming message.



By: BobBon (885.70)

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