The Left’s Gifts to Language

By Art Hyland

The chic, Leftist media and political elites have slowly dominated, transformed and debased the Judeo-Christian freedom culture that created and sustained the United States for 225 years. What was isn’t anymore, and what is now isn’t what we think it is either. That’s because the secular/socialist/distributive movement has gradually distorted and replaced common English language that once unified the nation by introducing a lexicon that might just have been sent to us from other galaxies. Phrases and words are hijacked to mean something totally different from their traditional, historic uses. Numbers and statistics are distorted or ignored at random depending upon circumstances or whim.

The Left understands a 1% designation, as when they initiated “the 1%” demonstrations a few years ago. The 1% were the rich (undeserving), whereas of course they were the 99% (deserving). Yet far less than 1% are in the Left’s celebrated transgender category, a relatively new designation that the Left declares is an important part of the liberal community sub-group called LGBTQ (Lesbians, bisexuals, gays, transgenders and questioning – - for those still needing to recall what the acronym means in this ever-developing liberal lexicon of apparently necessary human classes). All of the above alphabet concoction represent less than 3% of the population of the country (according to the CIA), but in the minds of the Left they are a near-future majority. So they conveniently reject a low percentage assignment despite totally understanding similarly low percentage figures for the rich 1%. It’s a liberal thing. But it’s understandable when you realize that if these designations are where the Left thinks the future lies, it doesn’t matter to them that currently they represent small numbers. It’s the destination percentage that counts, the place where the country should be rather than where it’s currently and temporarily stalled.

Going further with the Left’s view of the world, people are not people anymore, Or they are people trapped inside of designations about which they might not understand without the help of those who do. Understanding begins with making absolutely no assumptions whatsoever as to which group or groups of classes a human might be incorporating at the moment. One must be respectful, cautious even, lest one offends by addressing another as something they are not, or not currently. Objective in the extreme seems the process employed by the Left today. And if you aren’t as objective as you should be, then you are either ignorant or phobic, either of which is grounds for dismissal. The language rules of the Left are brutal.

Take a look at the Left’s transexual world to examine How about this:

“Bigender is a gender identity that falls under the non-binary umbrella. To identify as beginder generally means you identify as two genders. You could identify as both at the same time. You can go back and forth between the two genders. Perhaps you have one stagnant gender identity and one that shifts while still only identifying as two genders.”

Got that?

And it continues:

“Some other non-binary identities are genderqueer, gender fluid, bigender, neutrois, androgyne, two-spirit (this is an identity reserved for the indigenous and goes beyond the western understanding of sex and gender, so it’s best to ask before making assumptions, as always) etc.”

I’m sure that clarifies it for you.

And you might have thought that transgender was difficult enough to understand, but it’s way beyond where you thought it was. Yes it’s alien in the sense of well, alien, but it’s not from another planet, it’s home-grown here in the USA. Why it’s as American as apple pie, or it must be since it’s the current topic on most networks and media, and transgender is a common designation now in almost all public school policy resolutions duly adopted by local school boards, you know, by your neighbors who you don’t talk to enough.

This cultural language alteration is taking place right in plain sight, aided and abetted by humor in sitcoms, politically by liberal politicians, and legally by virtue of the legislation passed and enforced by public entities you pay for with your taxes.

Liberal legislators nationwide are casually adopting laws to include this new and exciting language into the public realm because they are pressured. Pressure by small, vocal and dedicated groups like LGBTQ result in huge societal impacts because once it’s law, implementation of it forces this ‘inclusionary” language to be considered as common as pencils. Liberal legislators know they gain additional votes for their next election, and gain a very loyal constituency whose impact far outweighs their numbers. Because laws don’t really attach to any of them personally (legislation is essentially anonymous as to its origins) they don’t worry criticism will attach to them; they will even verbally side with critics. Say one thing, vote another; it happens all the time in politics.

Our culture, dependent as it has been on virtuous stewards, is in the hands of self-serving power grabbers.

And you thought that government was created to build and maintain roads, bridges, respond to fires and accidents and keep us safe in our homes while providing excellent education for our children. That concept died with the last episode of Ozzie and Harriet.

(I may have to add to this in a series of articles given the broad array of Leftist lexicons used in every segment of society. But they all have a common thread: power by the anointed over the individual.)