Pizzagate Protesters Crash an 'All Ages' Drag Queen Show

From the original:
" business in Denver, Colorado named 'Mile High Comics' decided to hold an 'all-ages' drag show over the weekend at their warehouse facility and a group of protesters (some donned in Anonymous masks) showed up and really mixed it up with arriving attendees, shaming them for treating young children as sex objects.

Two off-duty Denver police officers were working as security guards (in uniform) and protected the event from the protesters.

Drag-queens dressed in scantily-clad costumes and attendees donning 'gay-pride' symbols and clothing can be seen arriving by the carload escorting young children in to the event to potentially dance in a drag-queen show while grown adults threw money at them.

The business owner eventually brought out barricades donned with rainbow flags to block the public from seeing who was entering or leaving the establishment.

The business openly advertised the event on their Facebook page in the weeks leading up to 'gay-pride' weekend in Denver, which was heavily promoted by the local media as well as Colorado's new openly-gay Governor Jared Polis."


By: fadeinlight (506.20)

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Location: Denver, Co