Romanian gypsy in Britain taking my tax money....

Romanian gypsy aims to earn £40,000 on benefits during just ONE YEAR in BritainFather-of-three Ion Lazar moved to the UK just days after restrictions on migrants from Romania and Bulgaria were lifted on January 1 this year.

In a new Channel 5 documentary to be broadcast tonight, Mr Lazar says he hopes to gather the eye-watering sum so he can build a new house for his family back in Romania.

The 36-year-old says: "I know it’s very, very easy to take benefits in England. She’s give me home free, she’s give me free, she’s give me everything.

"I need maybe forty thousand from benefits.... four zero thousand pounds for my family and I think this money I can make in one years maybe two."

'Gypsies on Benefits and Proud' will look at the lives of three Roma gypsy families who have moved to the UK.

Ion Lazar moved to the UK just days after EU restrictions were lifted [CHANNEL 5]

I know it’s very, very easy to take benefits in England

Ion Lazar

One gypsy reveals how he is able to claim ?750 in monthly taxpayer handouts, while others are shameless about how "very, very easy" it is to claim benefits in the UK.

Slovakian Roma Katarina Cisarova, 43, lives with 11 children and 11 grandchildren in and around an estate in Rotherham.

In the seven years she has lived in the UK she has worked for only a handful of days.

She lives with her unemployed husband Peter and their four youngest kids who are teenagers. They receive an incredible ?430 a week.

Mr Cisarova, who has been out of work for two years, says: “My country, I no had a job, no food, nothing. No going back, never. I like here England.

"England give me house, give me doctor, give school, benefit, England good. Thank you so much England, thank you very much.”

Viorel Dinu, 25, lost both of his legs in an accident when he was a seven-year-old and now moves around on a skateboard.

While he had to beg for a living in Romania, he is able to claim a staggering ?750 a month on benefits in Nottingham.

Katarina Cisarova has only worked a handful of days during her seven years in the UK [CHANNEL 5]

He says: "I come to the UK cos I don’t have a nice life there. In Romania it’s very hard with the money and everything.

"The money that I have is not exactly what I need, but what can I do, I must say thank you for this one.

"In England is more better life because here they don’t look on you if you black or not, they don’t think if your gypsy or not. Every door is open here, this is the most easy."

He is learning to read and write English and dreams of a career in film.

He adds: "Because I have so many years on this skateboard, I learn myself. This is my legs for now.I call it my little car."

Executive Producer Jacqui Wilson said: “This programme reinforces the determination of the 'And Proud' series to bring ground-breaking content, unearthing controversial characters and challenging stories that viewers have never have seen before.

"People should watch this programme before jumping to conclusions. Some of its revelations will make people think twice about Gypsies in the UK.”

The second series of 'And Proud' is coming to Channel 5 later this year. It will include programmes on illegal immigrants and football hooligans.