General Hal Moore Passes Away at Age 93

General Hal Moore, portrayed by actor Mel Gibson in the movie We Were Soldiers, passed peacefully in his home on February 10, 2017. The three star general served his country honorably for 34 years. During that time he amassed more ribbons and medals than most of today's hipster-bearded skinny-jeans wearing latte-sippers could photograph in one pic with their myPhone 7. Even on his death-bed General Moore could have slapped you so god damned hard your eyes would water and you wouldn't be able to taste your boyfriend's cock in your mouth for a week or more. We are losing the last of a great generation as they vanish before our very eyes. RIP, General Moore. Old Calvary-men never die, they just ride off to another battle.


By: DirkRamrodLewis (440.10)

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