Father in Law beats the shit out of Son in Law on the street in India

This son-in-law would have never thought that being greedy for dowry could cost him his self respect.

The viral video is of March 21 from Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat, when a husband went into domestic violence with his wife.

The act went so cruel that the lady had to have seven stitches on her eye. The girl can lose her eye. Upon receiving the news when the girl’s father came to see her, he went mad in anger gathered his friends and reached the spot where his son-in-law was present. He dragged him down from his car and taught him a good lesson for torturing his lovely daughter.

The boy can be seen shouting ‘I wont do It again Papa’, ‘Please don’t beat me’, but the angry father in daughter’s love could just not take it to conscious.



By: ArcHaeOPteRyX (2440.40)

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