UK Bank Attack Footage

*Sorry for the poor quality. I couldn't manage to extract the video file from the website despite trying various methods. Any advice for future appreciated!

New CCTV footage has been published from inside the bank showing Ahmed Mohammed, walking up to the cashiers with a jerry can of petrol and a bag. He started talking to the cashiers, unscrewing the jerry can lid before pulling a meat cleaver out of a bag, which was when the panic button was pressed.

After pouring petrol around and setting it alight, he made his way to another nearby bank replicating his actions. He failed to set the petrol alight there so made his way to the train station where he was apprehended.

He was charged with attempted robbery, arson with intent to endanger life, three counts of possession of a bladed weapon, affray, criminal damage and threats to commit criminal damage. This all happened on September 11th 2018. Apparently it wasn't terrorist related.


By: Fayth (170.60)

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