Hero Hungarian Truck Driver Fired for driving at Calais immigrants!

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In Hungary, a hero in Austria was fired Saturday, Dec 05 2015

Source: Reuters

A truck driver who had his lorry directed towards migrants in Calais frightening them, and then put the footage on YouTube, was fired by the Austrian employer.

Hungarian driver Levente Arpad Jedi said Peter Graz (Austrian driver's employer) 'dismissed me without explanation'.
Hungary electronic media and social networks were flooded on November 26th with a
video of the driver who had aimed his vehicle several times on migrants along the road side in the French city of Calais, shouting insults such as 'overwrite you!' & 'Come, pests'.

Speaking to the news portal Origo, Jedi explained earlier that he did not intend to harm the migrants, but 'it was necessary to rapidly move towards the refugees or they would climb onto the vehicle'.
Police have filed charges against Jedi, but he was in Hungary and became an overnight hero writes British newspaper The Guardian. On Facebook he has 18,000 Likes and messages of support of far-rightists and is considered a hero.

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